Why Run Around Australia?

Why Would A 46 Year Old Aussie Set A Goal to Run Around Australia….?

When The Distance Around Australia is 13,500 km or 8,365 miles.

One of my goals is to Run Around Australia

Christmas 2007 was great this year and I was fortunate to receive a new pair of running shoes. So as I was trying them on the sales person mentioned that they should last 1,000 km (621 miles) and I have not been able to get that comment out of my head. Now in Australia that is equivalent to running between my home town of Warragul (104 km (65 miles) south east of Melbourne) and Sydney.

So I went on line to www.whereis.com and got directions for the coast road and sure enough it came out at 936 km (581 miles). So between Christmas and New Year I started thinking…

What if I was to set a goal to run from Warragul to Sydney in 2008… Now while my current commitments will not allow me to actually do the run there is no reason why I can’t do a virtual run. That is where each week I go for a series of runs either around the local walking / running track or on the treadmill, measure the distance and record my progress on a map. After all if you break it down 936 km in a year is only 18 km (11 miles) per week. Now that doesn’t sound so scary.

And lets face it “I currently have a goal to run form Warragul to Sydney in 2008” sounds much sexier than “I currently have a goal to run 20 km per week” So that was it every time I do a run I would measure the distance and plot it on a map until I had accumulated enough distance to reach Sydney.

Trouble was that while that was a big goal it did not scare me. So I decided to make it really scary and decided that I would do a virtual run right around Australia. A quick check on www.whereis.com revealed the following

Total Distance For The Around Australia Challenge
Melbourne – Sydney – Brisbane
1,975 km
1,227 mls
Brisbane – Townsville – Darwin
3,869 km
2,404 mls
Darwin – Perth 
4,178 km
2,596 mls
Perth – Adelaide – Melbourne
3,426 km
2,129 mls
13,488 km
8,356 mls

At 20 km per week * 50 weeks = 1,000 km per year or 13 1/2 years that’s too long… So I decided to make it 10 years. OK so now I am scared.

So this blog is about my virtual trip, my around Australia challenge, as I rack up the miles each week on the treadmill and running track.

So for anyone wishing to join me on my journey you are most welcome. So please check out my Blog for my latest news and you can follow my progress on my Progress Map.

So have a Great week, Set some impossible goals and Go for it… Who knows what you might achieve?

You Can Reach Your Goals


P.S. Please follow my progress and leave some encouragement as I chase one of my goals to run around Australia in my Around Australia Challenge.

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